นักกำหนดอาหารอาเซียน (AFDA)

สมาพันธ์สมาคมนักกำหนดอาหารอาเซียน (Asian Federations of Dietetic Assocation)

The Asian Federation of Dietetics Association (AFDA) is a professional coalition of nutrition and dietetics professional practitioners in Asia Pacific region. It was founded in 1991 at the 6th Asian Congress of Nutrition at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The aim is to pursue the advancement of applied nutrition and dietetic practice in order to better nutrition status for the population of Asia. AFDA organized Asian Congress of Dietetics every four year with the objective to link with international dietetic, nutrition and health-related organizations and to promote a network of scientific information exchange in nutrition and dietetics through sharing of experiences and other resources.